“The most valuable lesson I’ve learned through experience is that the
hardest times of my life occurred when I had lost hope. Restoring hope
is the first step in overcoming adversity, no matter how overwhelming
it may seem.” — ROBERT JACOVETTI

I Can Help You Reduce Your Debt
If you’re overwhelmed with debt, the Law Office of Robert Jacovetti, P.C. offers legal advice and
representation in New York that is effective and affordable. I guide you through the entire process
of debt relief, whether you are overburdened by credit card debt, or being sued in a New York court
by a creditor, or facing a residential home foreclosure action. I am the attorney you meet with and
speak with, and I am the attorney who represents you in court.

Credit Card Debt Negotiation and Settlement
If you are overwhelmed with credit card debt, I will develop a debt negotiation and settlement
program that you can afford. My program will reduce your credit card payments to one affordable
monthly payment. As your lawyer, I will negotiate a settlement with your creditor reducing the
amount you pay to satisfy the debt your creditor claims you owe.

In-Court Representation
If you are being sued in a New York court by a creditor, I will aggressively protect your rights and
defend you in court. If you are facing a residential home foreclosure in New York, I will explain the
process and counsel you as to your best course of action and represent you in the mandatory court
settlement conference. If bankruptcy is determined to be the best solution for you, I will represent
you during the entire bankruptcy process.